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Tutor Doctor operates internationally, including in the United Kingdom. Our reviews there, as they are everywhere, are almost universally positive. This is the result of years of hard work, focusing on customer service and strong support of all our educational consultants.

In addition to our positive reviews, we are also proud of the great success that so many of our consultants have found. We work hard to help them find success, because, put simply, their success is our success and vice versa. Consultants and home office alike are all part of the same Tutor Doctor family, and no one in that family can hope for success unless all find success -- it is simple mathematics.

Everyone who joins Tutor Doctor does more than gain a title: they join an organization which provides all the training, support and materials required to find professional success. Making every effort to support and encourage our consultants is not only the right and moral thing to do, it is in everyone’s financial interest. This has been key to growing the success of Tutor Doctor.

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If you are thinking about buying a Tutor Doctor Franchise think again! This is very poorly run Franchise with Incompetent Management Team.Before you buy you need contact as many franchisees as possible, Tutor Doctor will send you list of the Top performing Franchisees only, this is miss selling the Franchise.

At the moment there are a lot of very unhappy Tutor Doctor Franchisees in the UK,hopefully this complained will save someone a lot of money and stop them making a big mistake by buy into this scam.

review from another us website "stop" and read

Original review posted by user Dec 21, 2013

If you are thing about buying a Tutor Doctor Franchise think again! This is very poorly run Franchise with Incompetent Management Team.Before you buy you need contact as many franchisees as possible, Tutor Doctor will send you list of the Top performing Franchisees only, this is miss selling the Franchise.

At the moment there are a lot of very unhappy Tutor Doctor Franchisees in the UK,hopefully this complained will save someone a lot of money and stop them making a big mistake by buy into this scam.

review from another us website "stop" and read

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Liam Mccmurry
London, Ontario, Canada #836627

Tutor Doctor should just stop franchising.The tutoring market is unregulated and out of control.

Every two to three weeks another Joe Bloe opens up a tutoring business. About 5 years ago the market was much better. But know it is just unbelievable. Which means if you are purchasing a franchise like Tutor Doctor with a restricted territory you are in for an immediate loss of money!

, YOU MIGHT AS WELL JUST DONATE THAT FRANCHISE FEE TO YOUR LOCAL CHURCH INSTEAD. You may lose the money but at least it does not fill the pockets of what I know call a ponze scheme. I also heard that they do not regulate other franchisee invading your territory or turf for extra customers. The just simply ask you to buy more territory.

This is not a game of risk or a war.This is some peoples life savings.


Another UK franchise closes down. Official Graham Murrey forced to close down his tutor doctor Buisness. Another example of a nice guy duped by Tutor Doctor and losses money.

UK super star

Wow Daniel Makk, you are very pist with your unsuccessful and incompetent life.Just try to get a life and leave these guys alone.

You did not even want to receive any support and are complaining? What a loser. Just let us work to us, franchisees that actually put the effort and do our work.

You are cry baby that has nothing else to do.Leave us alone.

Another loser
to UK super star #822516

I had the same problems with tutor doctor. Am I a loser?

It's amazing the lengths you *** artists will go to!

to UK super star #824201

UK Superstar could you responsibly respond to the other posts here and provide me with some confidence to want to purchase one of these franchisees. Like others we were thinking about it but I cannot find anything on this website that is giving us confidence that the accusations are untrue.

to UK super star London, England, United Kingdom #825175

I defy and challenge you to openly come out in the UK and say how your company operates.Produce your accounts, branding fees statement, taxes you are paying in UK ( you know nothing is being paid despite you taking thousands out of UK each month), how many UK franchisees have left you in the past 5 years, and how you are getting kick-backs from your suppliers.

We know all you should also come out with it.

If you do not, rest assured it will be out in public very soon....and you will have nowhere to hide....

London, London, United Kingdom #808569

If Tim Morris knows so much about business why is he working for these sheisters?

Answer: He knows nothing about business - he is just the only person they could find with low enough moral standards that are compatible with theirs

He is supposed to be a field support agent?HAHAHAHA very funny, I think "Glorified Salesman" is a more fitting title.

He is there for one purpose and one purpose only - to drive up sales to approved vendors (from whom Tutor Doctor are paid commission) from franchisees who are already being fleeced by head office.

Tim Morris is also very keen to get new franchisees to buy wrapped cars - the reason for this is that the guy who does the car wrap is Tims mate and Tim gets paid a referral if they do buy a wrapped car.Even when I started - he knew I was about to be bankrupted by this business but he continued to press and press me into further financial peril just so he could get his cut.

He has no morals and no concience - S C U M B A G

Mrank Filner

They totally mis sell the franchise.Their operating system "The Big Apple" aka "The Big Joke" is a stone age, low budget, unreliable and non functional mess.

If you're a UK franchisee you can't even use it to invoice a client because it doesn't have the £ symbol - but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Of all of the UK Tutor Doctor franchises only 2 or 3 are actually friendly towards head office, the rest are either involved in legal battles with them or trying to make a clean brake away from them. The loyal 2 or 3 are used by head office on what are called "validation calls". These calls are a mandatory part of the sale process in which you speak to a few franchisees from the network who they pick "at random" to "validate" you and assess your suitability to the franchise. In reality, they couldn't give a monkeys how suitable you are - all they care about is fleecing you.

The "validation calls" are sales pitches from a select few existing franchisees (on retainers) who basically support Tutor Doctors lies and tell you how great and rosy it is - it's a ploy designed to reinforce their credibility and legitimacy as a franchise - DON'T BE FOOLED!

At a minimum of £29,700 these franchises are grossly over priced and based on false info. The franchisor offers next to no support once you've paid but are still happy to take 10%+ out of your earnings in exchange. When trying to sell you the franchise they claim for example that you get access to a...

In other words, there essentially is no e-tutoring platform but by having this one totally redundant licence they are able to claim that this is something you will benefit from as a franchisee. There are so many more examples of stuff like that too. Tutor Doctor "We Make House Calls" more like Tutor Doctor "We Make False Claims"

If you're reading this and considering investing in a Tutor Doctor franchise then please please please don't waste your life savings and your precious time on this joke of a franchise. At least do the following:


There are dozensa and dozens of people who have exited the franchises - mainly because they were mis sold the licence and never actually made a living from it.

Once someone exits the network these crooks (based in the Bahamas, NOT Canada) show themselves to be absolute bullies. They send weekly lawyers letters threatening people who have just lost their life savings because they believed in a load of *** they were sold by these tax dodging thieves. Speak to EVERYONE in their network, not just the few they hand pick to lie to you, then you will see what it's really like. They're a fairly new franchise so most of their skeletons are still hid away but as more and more people get into legal battles and have their lives ruined they will eventually be exposed in about 18 to 24 months time as the liars they are.


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Danny Boy

If you're thinking of investing in this franchise please please please run and don't look back.

This company is the *** of the earth.They completely mis sell the business and once you put your money down they'll offer you nothing - however, they'll happily continue to take 10% of your hard earned cash with a strong sense of entitlement.

The business itself is messy and they'll lie through their teeth to get you on board.

In the UK there is a pending class action against them.They are tax dodging *** who are based in the Bahamas NOT Canada.

Please, if you're reading this - don't ruin your life with these *** BAGS


We were also going to buy one of these Franchisees and just found out that although they sell you what you think is a protected territory, that this is not the case.Not only is it lawful under European Laws, there are also no measures in place to stop other franchisees from doing business in your so-called protected territory that you pay nearly 30K for.

Think about it £30K for poor management systems, no real Education knowledge and no real protected rights for your business and financial investment.All I can say is really do carry out a due diligence and f you do you may want to think again hard about handing over your hard-earned cash.


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