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Absolutely terrible service. I wanted tutoring to help me with my maths GCSE, we were told that they could only tutor us for 12 hours because I applied for a tutor too late as exams were only a couple of weeks away. This alone costed £600. Then when they did their "service" we were oblivious to the fact that they added an extra 4 hours which we did NOT ask for. The person said it was £200 for the extra 4 hours of tuition but they took out £212... Read more

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I called for a free evaluation for my two kids. Now the Tutor Dictor Feanchise owner is saying that the evaluation is only free if you hire them. Pablo Pinto the owner is demanding a 150 per child plus taxes. Is there anywhere I can lodge a complaint? I can not find an email address and nobody answers the phone. I am including the Facebook ad that states that it is free.

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Applied to become a tutor and told it would cost me 40k to start up...

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Hate the way they charge you it should be what you use each month. wouldnt use them again. Not a good

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I have just signed up to tutor doctor for business to help my son with his last year A Levels I have some funding towards the cost in place banked with the company however the chap made me fill in a form with my card details and security code and said the first payment will be taken next week I don't understand why when the first month has already been paid for !! Ha I g now googled reviews I'm very worried Advice anyone at £47 and hour it's... Read more

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Applied to be a tutor so read a number of their UK websites, sounded fantastic. As a tutor I would be magically matched to the student so things should go swimmingly. I met the woman for the interview, it went well. When I asked about the match process she admitted that due to a small number of tutors and a wide area to fill she nearly always had to send whoever most closely met the bill. When I asked for clarification it seemed I was to be her... Read more

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We were looking into being a franchise owner. Things were going well until the person we were working with said we weren't legit because we had grave concerns about driving around in the Smart Car that the company requires franchisees to buy. The car is wrapped and is supposed to act as a billboard. Absolutely no problem with wrapping a car, but not a Smart Car that we consider to be a death trap! How dare Tutor Doctor call us not legit because... Read more

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I have been working with this company for a few months and making great headway with my student. The parents have just cancelled the contract as they can no longer afford it. I was thinking that £16.50 per hour which I was receiving plus a small percentage for the company wasn't excessive. However I have found out that they were paying £250 per month! They thought that I was receiving most of this. They also postponed classes for a month due to... Read more

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I had a terrible experience with this company. I hired a tutor and she didn't showed up on the appointed day. I thought this was a bad experience so I asked the manager of the company that I wanted to cancel the service. I mailed him several times to ask these cancellation requests, but he didn't answer back. A couple of months later, the manager withdrew $100 from my account. I thought it too weird, so I called him over the phone to ask why he... Read more

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I had a terrible experience with this company. Their service is very expensive comparing with the poor quality of tutoring that they offer. I really feel that I have been ripped off, I paid 640 dollars. OMG! The last tutor that came to my daughter told her write your questions and I will go home and search them and email you! They owe me 150 dollars! I advice people not to deal with them, especially they have a very clever way of marketing their... Read more

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