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I have been working with this company for a few months and making great headway with my student. The parents have just cancelled the contract as they can no longer afford it. I was thinking that £16.50 per hour which I was receiving plus a small percentage for the company wasn't excessive. However I have found out that they were paying £250 per month! They thought that I was receiving most of... Read more

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I had a terrible experience with this company. I hired a tutor and she didn't showed up on the appointed day. I thought this was a bad experience so I asked the manager of the company that I wanted to cancel the service. I mailed him several times to ask these cancellation requests, but he didn't answer back. A couple of months later, the manager withdrew $100 from my account. I thought it too... Read more

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I had a terrible experience with this company. Their service is very expensive comparing with the poor quality of tutoring that they offer. I really feel that I have been ripped off, I paid 640 dollars. OMG! The last tutor that came to my daughter told her write your questions and I will go home and search them and email you! They owe me 150 dollars! I advice people not to deal with them,... Read more

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The tutor we got for my daughter touched her inappropriately and stared at her chest For half the session my daughter was very uncomfortable we cancelled right after she told me this! Add comment

I recently did an interview for Tutor Doctor in West Surrey, I wanted to tutor students around the Guildford area. Not only was the application process patronizing and degrading, they offer literally no resources whatsoever to their tutors and only pay you around 35% of what the client is paying!! They charge £50 an hour and only give you £17.50 of it! Not suprised there are so many bad reviews... Read more

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I simply love our tutor that Tutor Doctor provided for my son. She is caring, helpful, and friendly. She makes learning easy for him and I really see a light bulb coming on. I think this is great. I have also referred them to my sister-in-law and she thinks they are great as well. They make sure the child gets it and focuses on what they are learning in class. I also love the study habits... Read more

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$2400 for 48 sessions. He has shown up for 2 out of 5. We cancelled one appropriately on time. I just called because he his disrupted 3 days with family "summer" fun and getting my sins work done! The Lead Educational Consultant for Buffalo can't even return a phone call. Explanation or lawsuit? Add comment

My husband and I enrolled our son with Tutor Doctor a few ago to help him with his exams. I found them online and was certainly duped by their marketing and branding, they seemed well established and professional so I got in touch. They set up a consultation, apparently so they could "assess" Jack, which I was more than happy to do as it sounded like it could benefit him. When the woman turned up... Read more

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I worked as a tutor for this hellish company. they have refused to pay a small amount of hours (7) and which is less than 140 bucks. this does not cover the 20 minute drive to and from the house for ` to 1.5 hours a day, ON A WEEKEND. and the preparation time, the printing costs, the books I provided.... so I provided the service and now they are not paying me !!!. so I have provided my services,... Read more

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The owner made an interview appointment with me at the location and he could not get there on time, so he blamed me not waiting for him at the right location and refused to see me. I wasted all my time to fill the application and drove there. Good business owner should respect other persons time and effort at least, communicate clearingly with other party. The owner made an interview appointment... Read more

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